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Milly Spring 2012 Runway Review


Milly, by designer Michelle Smith, is of the ilk of contemporary labels that emerged about ten years ago and have been slowly but steadily taking over the market. With a price point that guarantees more widespread market reach, Smith has developed Milly into one of the foremost leaders in feminine, often printed, day wear.

This season, Smith stuck to her roots showing her usual graphic prints but integrated a vintage feel into the collection. It was far from retro as natural materials such as wood and tortoise resin made appearances and the slightly preppy cuts also modernized the looks.

It’s a show like Milly’s that reminds us why we come to New York for fashion week. It’s not for the edgy or avant-garde, London and Paris take care of that, but for the commercial. When separated into individual pieces, this collection has staples you could build your spring wardrobe around; I would bet twenty-somethings across the country are making their shopping lists as we speak.