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Recently included in the “Top Model” list, Jourdan Dunn has taken the runway by storm in fashion history, political views in fashion and not to mention one of her most amazing features … endless legs!

It was 2006 when Storm Management discovered the UK mahogany beauty while trying on sunglasses in London’s infamous Hammerstein Branch of Primark.

According to Dunn, she has always been a lover of fashion while coining Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks as her inspiration to be a model.

As fashion’s latest “breakthrough model” it has been an interesting year for the industry and Dunn alike. During her “breaking news” run on the catwalk, it’s safe to say Dunn was at the ‘right place, at the right time,’ especially considering the industry suffering with major issues about the lack of Black models on the runway and covering the magazines.

Surprisingly, Dunn a.k.a. “the next Naomi Campbell” wasn’t shy to speak her mind about the prejudices on the runway at hand and how the issues affected her as well. During a recent interview Dunn said: “London’s not a white city so why should our catwalks be so white? I go to castings and see several Black and Asian girls, then I get to the show and look around and there’s just me and maybe one other coloured face. "They just don’t get picked. I hope it’s because the designer just didn’t think they were good enough as a model but I don’t know."

This 17-year-old rising star has made extraordinary headlines from appearing as the first Black model to strut the Prada runway in Milan’s Fashion Week since Naomi Campbell in 1997; one of the new faces of GAP; walking in a total of 75 shows during the spring/summer 2008 New York Fashion Week including Louis Vuitton and Valentino; and whispered to be a runner-up for the cover of the awaited All-Black Top Model issue of Vogue Italia photographed by noted fashion photographer, Steven Meisel.

Besides modeling and prior to finishing school, Dunn has future endeavors of starting her own agency for minority models based upon the current mishaps within the world of modeling and fashion … this is what I call Brains, Beauty and Bravery.

It seems as if Dunn definitely has her stilettos lined up!

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.