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If there’s one celebrity who has, during the latest 12 months, become a mainstay at the Paris and Milan fashion shows then it is Kanye West. With a fetish for the initials LV, Kanye’s frequent visits on the front row of Louis Vuitton’s fashion shows have turned him into a front row hopper during fashion season.

With men’s SS09 fashion weeks commencing next month, Kanye’s mail box is probably cramped with glossy and nicely decorated fashion invitations from Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, V&R, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano and other designers the hip hop phenomenon has bonded with.

His super star status has granted him different privileges compared to us mortal who would have to beg and send flowers to the PR-people in our contact lists in order to even get a last minute invitation to a fashion show.

One might initially suspect that his front row fascination is all for ‘flossin’ and the sweet sensation of spotting a chair with a piece of paper displaying his name.  But Kanye’s admiration for fashion is genuine.

Although sitting on first row comes with a high degree of status Kanye has throughout his music career expressed his love for high fashion with very stylized hip hop outfits. Just as with his music, he walks down his own path. At fashion shows he tones down on the street wear and manages to put on a little show of his own with tasteful but yet fresh and vivid outfits.

Being a chameleon by adapting to different occasions without compromising demeanor and character too much is a skill few people posses.

Naturally Kanye’s taste in music translates into his clothes, but he still he has his feet on the ground and manages to impress at both high fashion shows and at hip hop festivals.

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