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A Chat with Blogger Jay Strut

Jay Strut

Jay Strut Last week I introduced you to Canadian blogging superstar, Jay Strut, now we check in with him for a chat about how he got started, his personal style, and more.

The Fashion Spot: How did you first get into blogging and social media?

Jay Strut: I'll never forget when I was like 11 or something and my best friend showed me what myspace, friendpages, and sites like that were. Right from there it was love at first click! Since then it's just developed and progressed into what it is now.

tFS: What draws you to continue to blog?

JS: At first it was about sharing my passion and obsessions, I mean who doesn't love a good outlet? Then I started receiving feedback. I think that is a major factor. Feedback is always my motivation, I love to learn from people and connect with them. I say that my blog readers and Twitter followers are my best friends because of the fact that they engage in my blog and for them to enjoy what I'm writing just makes me feel so good.

tFS: What do you dislike about blogging?

JS: I can't really say I dislike anything because if I did, I wouldn't do it! Life is too short to spend time doing something you dislike and that is why I think I am lucky, blogging has turned from something I do for fun into something I do that provides me with so many opportunities and has given me the ability to experience some of the most amazing moments in my life!

tFS- Favorite fashion moment to date?

JS: Definitely Fashion Week, I was just in New York for S/S 2012 and must say, it was quite the experience! I am 20 years old so I couldn't really go to parties yet, but luckily I was escorted into the Marc Jacobs after party and got to finish that trip with a bang!

tFS- What are a couple of your staple pieces in your wardrobe?

JS: As noted, my Hermes Collier De Chien never comes off, literally! It's just a piece that looks so edgy but so subtle and I rock it everyday. Also, my Balmain jacket and my monkey fur coat which you see making appearances every now and then on my blog!

tFS – Who is/are your style icons right now? 

JS: A person that always keeps you inspred. No matter what, Kate Lanphear, the Fashion Director at ELLE Magazine US always keeps me on my toes, her fierce and effortlessly edgy style is always so motivating. I also OBSESS over Emmanuelle Alt, the editor in chief of Vogue Paris, her easy and Parisian chic style keeps me sane in the summer, I mean who doesn't want to pair a t-shirt with their favorite pair of skinny jeans & still look like a million bucks!