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The Gift Network: Toronto’s Online Gift Registry

Buying gifts can be such an overwhelming process. How do you really know if the gift you purchased is what the person wants? Even worse, what if you are the one receiving a gift that you don't like? How do you approach that situation without hurting someone's feelings by telling them you'd like to exchange or return it?

It seems The Gift Network heard our cries and has come to our rescue, creating a free online service where you can now create your own registry, filled with items you'd like to receive from over 100 stores in Toronto. Now, not only brides and grooms can enjoy all the fun of having a gift registry. The Gift Network is not only super easy to use, but you no longer have to waste time guessing what the person wants.

The Gift Network

Easy as 1-2-3, you can browse the registry of the person you are buying for online, purchase the gift online, and the receiver can even accept their gift online. If someone gets you something you don't like, you don't have to worry anymore. You can exchange your gifts for a Gift Network gift card. Unlike the typical gift cards we are used to, The Gift Network gift card can be used at any of the retailers associated with The Gift Network.

I played around with it myself, my birthday is coming up and thought it would be neat to create a list of things I wanted. (Even if likely no one will ever look at it!) In my opinion, this service offers something we have been secretly hoping for for years. Not only is it simple to use, it offers a variety of gifts to choose from and the gift redemption process is flexible. What really impressed me is the fact that The Gift Network supports Toronto retailers, offering over 90 retailers through the GTA including Umbra, Up Country, Shop AGO, Cookbook Store, to name a few. Don't take my word for it, hurry over to their site to create your own registry.