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The 30 year-old ex-Estee Lauder model will be acting in a new movie called ‘Desert Flower’. It is based on the Waris Dirie autobiography of the same name which chronicles her childhood in the Somali desert, her entrance into modeling, and her role as a United Nations spokeswoman against circumcision.

Waris Dirie was born into a nomadic tribe in Somalia and had survived the cruel procedure of genital mutilation at just age five.

She fled to London at thirteen and got discovered by photographer Terence Donovan, who later put her on the cover of the 1987 Pirelli calendar.

Other notable achievements include being the face of Chanel Allure fragrance and a minor role in the bond movie, The Living Daylights.

The movie is currently being filmed in London and will be shown in the later part of the year.