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New York Fashion Week Fall 2012 Hits and Misses, Part 3 (Forum Buzz)

Theyskens' Theory Fall 2012

New York Fashion Week is nearly over, and the forums have weighed in on the collections that soared and sunk in their opinions. Some of the usual favorites failed to win approval, while others surprised and delighted.

NYFW Fall 2012 Hits - Preen, Theyskens' Theory, Vera Wang

The Hits: Preen, Theyskens’ Theory, Vera Wang



“I love the fact that this is a collection that is able to flow back and forth from fall to spring and on… total investment wardrobing here that will stay in closets for years to come.” [TheeMigs]

“An exceptionally strong follow up to their SS 2012 color and print explosion… amazing to see how this team is evolving over the years. I can't think of anyone who has ever evolved this much and done it so well.” [softgrey]

“Very interesting prints, I like the colors for fall since the shows have been very dark so far.” [Wolkfolk]


Theyskens’ Theory

“It has become impossible for me to look at a Theyskens' Theory collection without wanting everything. I have no idea how he does it, churning out hit after hit every season (even in the pre-collections). The jackets and coats were sublime and the gowns were amazing. Interesting color palette, too.” [Psylocke]

“I can't get over my love for Theyskens' work. There aren't any pieces I don't like. I love the asymmetric necklines on the gowns, the color palettes, the touches of fur, everything.” [IsabelMarantBoy]

“He just knows the cool girl in and out.” [clocked]

“Solid, as always. Not too edgy, not plain and boring. Theyskens treads the line well. Perfectly wearable and equally desirable clothing.” [Alexei]


Vera Wang

“Really loved this, the color palette (sans the bright orange) is to die for and I love how she played with the sheer materials. There's a subtle sexiness in how she covered the sheer tops with heavy waistcoats or used several layers of transparent pieces.” [Psylocke]

“Stunning! Vera has been so impressive lately. And she's never predictable, which is what I so love about her, though she makes sure to maintain her key aesthetic.” [Alexei]

“Instant love! I would wear everything from this collection.” [Machinegumm]

“Once again, Vera Wang shows that she can combine her signature classic romance with new ideas flawlessly.” [Squizree]

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NYFW Fall 2012 Misses - Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Rodarte

The Misses: Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Rodarte


Zac Posen

“Zac Posen's problem lies in his obsession with trying to be more glamorous than the rest. He lets competition get in the way a lot I think. He needs to drop the paranoia and just focus on making beautiful and creative clothes, rather than just more 'glamorous' dresses.” [Squizree]

“I feel like I'm seeing the same dresses over just in different colors. Too many mermaid silhouettes in one collection.” [Junee]

“This is pretty hideous, in my opinion. So incredibly outdated.” [Selfportraitgrl]


Marc Jacobs

“What the hell was up with those hats? [Chanelcouture09]

“I like the first few coats, but overall the silhouettes, the fabrics, everything is just so unflattering.” [simple_elegance]

“The whole thing is a disaster for me, and I can't even see great pieces that can be pulled out of the styling.”[honeycombchild]

“Less theatrics, more attention to design please. For those who were able to study it and find stand out pieces, my hat's (none of which are the ugly Jamiroquai inspired monstrosities we are seeing here) off to you, I gave up pretty quickly.” [HeatherAnne]

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“Is this the new Rodarte? Frumpy, granny chic? I wish they would showcase more of their romantic drapery. I miss their darker undertones. They were once innovative and had interesting ideas and direction. To me, Rodarte is now the artsy-fartsy of fashion.” [Ives927]

“This prairie thing has become too mundane and just plain ugly. I would love to see them unleash their gothic side again.” [valliaddict]

“I like the handprint dresses but aside from that it's frumpy and dull. They used to be exciting, what happened?!” [hautechild]

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Images: Vincenzo Grillo/IMAXtree