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Catching Up with Marcus Troy, Montreal Fashion Lifestyle Blogger

Marcus Troy

Marcus TroySome people sit and wait for their dreams to become reality, while others get up and make it happen. Marcus Troy is an example of how far vision, creativity, and perseverance can take you. I met Marcus Troy years ago before he became the sought-after lifestyle, fashion, and “cultural participant” global brands want to work with. Still, he's the same guy from Montreal; the only difference is his brand has reached and impacted readers all over the world. Lucky for me, he still makes time to host our BHD gifting suite.

Converse, Levis, Sebago, DC Shoes, Timberland, and The Project Tradeshow are just a few of the brands who've commissioned Marcus for his expertise in creating digital experiences. And if that's not enough, the The New York Times has recognized him as one of five fashion bloggers impacting the fashion world online. No big deal, as he says, "Blogging ain't easy but someone's gotta do it".

The Fashion Spot: I know you're a busy bee and you're probably getting ready to board a plane soon. Thanks for sitting down with us.

Marcus Troy: I am actually about to pack, I've been invited by Bentley to come out to Aspen and then I'm off to SXSW.

tFS: Seems like you're traveling every other week, I'm sure by now you've mastered the art of packing and you have essential things you always travel with. What are 5 items you can't travel without?

MT: 7D Camera, MacBook Air, iPad, Passport, and credit Card.

tFS: Being Marcus Troy isn't easy. So for those that don't know, can you tell them who Marcus Troy is?

MT: Marcus Troy is a cultural participant who creates digital brand experiences through

tFS: What made you want to start blogging?

MT: I started blogging as a means to share what I was into with my peers and friends. I started with an online newsletter that we mailed out every week to a select few individuals who then shared it with their network and everything just worked out organically and virally. That was back in 2004 when I was a co-founder of another site.

tFS: If you had to describe in three words what would they be?

MT: Thoughtful, curated, honest.

tFS: You are now, in a sense, a fashion maverick to many people. You often speak about style being personal, and coming from within. I think a lot of people admire that while you embrace new brands, you are also true to classic brands that appeal to your sense of style, whether or not it has been said to be "cool". That being said, what is your favourite timeless classic brand, that no matter what stage your life is in, is still reflective of your evolving style?

MT: My favorite timeless brand would have to be Ralph Lauren. He has products that speak to people from all walks of life. He covers all tiers of fashion and lifestyle and you will always be “in style” with Ralph.

tFS: It's no secret that you get a lot of cool stuff sent to you – often times limited-edition items, or items before they are released. What have you recently added to your closet that you are excited about?

MT: I am excited about my new Lotuff Leather duffle bag. It is simply beautiful and I am looking forward to bringing it on some more trips with me.

tFS: To a lot of people, the life you live looks like fun, but what they don't know is you also put in a lot of work. What inspires you to keep going?

MT:  The people inspire me! My fans inspire me. The people who write in daily to share their opinions, ask for advice, or simply want to share. What has started to inspire me a lot has been bad design, products, and things… It inspires me to want to remix or recreate or even re-imagine those things and make it better.

tFS: What do you want people to remember about Marcus Troy and the experiences you create?

MT:  I would like people to think of me as someone who TRIED. I tried to build community, tried to push the boundaries online and through social media, and also someone who always aspired to inspire.

tFS: Last question, before I let you finishing packing. I know you always have tons on the go. What is something you are working on at the moment that you are passionate about?

MT: I'm working on bringing the Mavericks Project book to fruition. The Mavericks project was a collaboration I did with Nike and I am working on turning this engaging project into a book.


Photo Credit: Yannick Grandmont