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Designer Katya Leonovich: a tFS interview

Known for her "Beautiful Garbage" concept of designing, Katya Leonovich developed her techniques in couture design while in Paris, Rome, and her hometown of Moscow. We caught up with the designer after showing her Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection at New York Fashion Week.

The Fashion Spot: I have to say, I loved your presentation at New York Fashion Week. What do you feel was the most rewarding part of showing at Lincoln Center?

Katya Leonovich: I’ve shown in Milan and Paris before, but now that I am in NYC, Lincoln Center is the place to be!

tFS: I'd definitely agree. So, about the show… your garments were almost abstract, yet very wearable. How did you come up with your designs for this collection?

KL: A combination of a Renaissance vision of the female body mixed with modern techniques, shapes, and fabrics.

tFS: Your use of color is so spot-on in your dresses. Tell me your thoughts when it comes to choosing your color palette.

KL: The harmony of the palette comes directly from my paintings.

tFS: Yes, I saw them hanging throughout the presentation. What was your overall inspiration?

KL: The NYC Woman.

tFS: Gorgeous. What are you currently up to since your presentation?

KL: Arranging a sample sale, showroom, and planning my next collection.

tFS: Wow, already planning your next one. I understand you design Bridalwear as well?

KL: It’s always a possibility for me.

tFS: What would you say is your signature aesthetic when it comes to your collections?

KL: Hard to say…Sophistication, Edgy. But, always make ‘her’ look slender.

tFS: I think any woman would agree that that's a plus. Do you ever wear your own pieces?

KL: Usually I have no time to fit myself. But, if there is something that happens to fit me from a collection, I always wear it and feel good about myself.

tFS: Okay. Tell me about the woman behind the label. When you aren't busy on the fashion scene, what can you be found doing?

KL: I like to paint and play golf. I enjoy my friends, family, and pet rat.

tFS: Pet rat?! Wow! Well, aside from obviously being creative and family-oriented, what are some defining characteristics of Katya Leonovich the person?

KL: Hard work, determination, a sense of humor, flexibility, and keeping everyone around me happy.

tFS: How about Katya Leonovich the label?

KL: It’s a work in progress….


Special Thank To Matthew Scheier of MAO PR.