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In the past few years I’ve become somewhat disenchanted with Dolce & Gabbana, as season after season we see nothing but the same corseted tops and animal prints. Perhaps if I had bleach blonde hair and a sun-kissed tan I would be more apt to swoon for their designs, but alas I’ve never been one to pull-off leopard print.

That said, with a few exceptions, I found Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s resort collection, this year, to be utterly wearable and whimsically glam.
My only complaint lies with their more casual looks which look more like Target tacky-printed pajamas and cheap canvas bags than intricately-made pieces worthy of a designer label.


Nevertheless, the duo succeeded in delivering some wonderfully sleek white dresses that I’m sure ladies all over the world will be wishing they could get their hands on for their 4th of July getaways. Naturally, as they are season after season, the dresses were largely corseted, but the design team does it so well I can’t really blame them.


The collection also had dashes of color, minimally accessorized to look wonderfully ladylike. 
Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.