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Elke Kramer AW 2012 ‘Alchemy’

Much to the horror of hand models around Australia, cult jewellery designer Elke Krammer has presented her latest collection on those usually found behind the lens.

The campaign is a collaboration with fashion photographer Christopher Morris, featuring Krammer’s Autumn/Winter range ‘Alchemy’ on illustrious local creatives including Anna Plunkett from Romance Was Born, stylist Lesley Crawford, stylist/costumer Cara Joy Purkis, and teenage photographer Nirrimi Firebrace of the blog We Live Young. Firebrace features on the campaign cover image with some killer finger bling and her baby daughter Alba Joy.

As the name suggests, ‘Alchemy’ is a reworking of Elke Kramer’s most coveted designs from past collections. The protuberant geometric rings, chunky resin bangles, tassel earrings and bold pendants are refashioned in timeless colour and subtly altered embellishment that reflect Kramer’s love affair with modernist design. Elke enthusiasts will be pleased to see all their favourite shapes and styles including the Tough Love pyramid ring, intricate Sorcerer bracelet and now-iconic Single Ceremonial Tassel pendant, all fabricated in materials altered just enough to make buying a new one of each an entirely justified undertaking.

‘Alchemy’ also sees the appearance of three equally covetable silk scarf designs. Digitally printed with a scattering of precious stones and metals, the scarves are available in silk georgette or heavy silk twill and have deliciously chilling names taken from the poems of Charles Baudelaire.

The first drop is out now and available online. Stay tuned for the second.