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21 Questions with…nOir Designer Leeora Catalan

Endlessly creative, nOir designer Leeora Catalan has collaborated with everyone from Disney to Gwen Stefani, in addition to continuously coming out with new pieces for her main collection. Her jewlery has graced the bodies of stars ranging from Rihanna to Michelle Obama, while landing spots in pages of countless glossies.

Here, the designer answers our 21 questions.

1. I would never leave my apartment without wearing…red lipstick.

2. When I get dressed to go to work I think…what piece of jewelry will I wear? Then I pick my outfit.

3. My  most treasured piece of jewelry is…my Dad’s gold charm necklace.

4. The best gift I ever received was…my kids.

5. When I'm looking to get inspired I…look through books, Pinterest, online — I’m an absolute image freak.

6. My guilty pleasure isThe New Jersey Housewives.

7. My favorite current nOir piece isPave Dino cuff, Pave pyramid bracelet, Miss Piggy necklace…this is not a fair question!

8. The one celebrity that hasn't yet worn one of my pieces that I would love to see in one is…Prince.

9. On a typical Saturday night…we have dinner parties.

10. The city with the best shopping is…NYC and Tokyo.

11. The one store I know I can go to and not leave empty handed is…Target.

12. When hiring people, the qualities I value most are…talent, integrity, great attitude. 

13. My favorite collaboration to date…Keith Haring, DC comics, and L.A.M.B.

14. I'm excited for fall because…the kids go back to school!

15. The one electronic device I couldn't go a day without is…iPhone.

16. When I want to relax I…get a massage or watch the Food Network.

17. My beauty must-haves are…DG skincare and good lipsticks.

18. My biggest jewelry pet peeve is…jewelry that tarnishes.

19. I wouldn't be caught dead…wearing khakis.

20. The best style tip I ever got…have confidence in your style.

21. My favorite thing about New York is..everything.