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Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2013 Runway Review

From the moment we heard that Vivienne Westwood was showing in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, we knew that the queen of political fashion was going to make a statement. Now, it's unclear who vetted Westwood for the space but they must have known what they were getting into. Messages ranged from climate change to Julian Assange and the outspoken designer definitely didn't hold back, even going so far to say that she didn't care about the collection, only the platform. What didn't sit well was that the message didn't really translate. 

The collection was filled with retro shapes, wearable separates, and some of Westwood's signatures but surely if she wanted to use her collection as a platform it would have been better to tell a story through the clothes. The designer's finale preached a climate revolution, but what about the effects of the production? In spite of  Westwood's best efforts, the message was lost. Instead of staging a grand show, why didn't Westwood save those resources and show a film or a more low scale presentation? If the collection had been entirely eco-friendly, her message would have made a much bigger impact. As it stands, the stunt seemed skin deep.