Jelly Nails Are the Latest Instagram Craze Actually Worth Trying

Every so often, a creative trend originating on Instagram unexpectedly takes the beauty world by storm. The latest one? Jelly nails, also known as “see-through nails” or “glass nails.” They have translucent tips, tend to come in bright colors, are incredibly stunning and can be worn by people of all ages. That said, they remind us of the beloved jelly sandals a lot of us wore in our youth. You know, the ones that came in the cutest of colors and were typically sparkly. Iconic.

This has been a particularly nostalgic year in beauty with a slew of old styles making a comeback, but we’re not mad. These remixed versions or riffs on old favorites are getting better and better. Jelly nails, in particular, are aesthetically pleasing and a great change of pace if you want to try something other than your usual nude manicure. Or if you’re going to a festival or somewhere else fun and need a conversation starter, they are bound to get people talking.

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According to HelloGiggles, jelly nails are quite simple to do (though it’s probably best to get them professionally done unless you’re a master at nail art). Start off “by applying a clear translucent tip to the nail or sculpting it with a clear extension like hard gel.” Then “paint on a translucent bright (or not-so-bright) polish.”

As cute as jelly nails are, though, they can easily look a bit kitschy if overdone. If you want to try them out but want a more classic finish, here are six ideas to consider. Feel free to show them to your manicurist before trying them out.

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