6 Nail Trends to Try From the Fall 2019 Runways

Images: Imaxtree

No fashion month recap would be complete without dissecting the nail trends. Beauty is a full-package deal, and we’ve already discussed makeup and hair from the Fall 2019 shows. When we weren’t thinking about flashy hair accessories and embellished eyes, we were dreaming about recreating many of the nail looks.

Manicurists in New York, London, Milan and Paris seemed to have a cohesive vision this season about championing classic nail looks. Of course, they did it with subtle tweaks to keep things exciting. There were purist French manicures at the shows, but we more often saw them reworked in neon color schemes and graphic shapes. Sometimes the tips were enhanced with bling as opposed to the traditional white line. When the ends weren’t the focus, the moons were. The eye was drawn (slightly) down the nail with reverse French manicures, graphic lines and well-placed embellishment.

In terms of colors, a classic red nail polish appeared again and again. But there were differences in shades and nail shapes. Neutral nails were also a common sight and another fantastic option for anyone looking for office-friendly manicure trends. Those who are hoping for something extra from the Fall 2019 shows will be satisfied by the liberal use of embellishment and nail polish colors. Some statement looks featured the full rainbow.

Don’t wait until fall to try out these new manicures. Click through the gallery to see the fall nail trends 2019 has in store.

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