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Day five of the Amsterdam International Fashion Week was the last day of the show schedule, and provided a podium for young, developing talent to show what they have up their sleeves for the future. This day was started by one of the newest additions to the AIFW, Django Steenbakker.

The winner of Holland’s Project Catwalk showed his second full collection, inspired by the Art Deco movement of the early 20’s. He referenced Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp and Polish painter Tamara de Lempicka.

He combined these two reference points into dresses made of satins and plastic accents finished on the inside with lines of silk. A few goddess dresses also passed by and he played with ruffles and exaggerated collars. It was a fun collection to look at as it showed the young designer’s many abbilities in cut, fabrics and overall design. And for someone new to the business, it is key to be visible in every single way.


Django’s show was followed by Kim Bakker’s first collection for her menswear line NoN by Kim.

Bakker was inspired by the works of director David Cronenberg who was always intruiged by body transformations. Bakker reconfigurated garnments into new pieces of clothing, trying to capture the moment of transformation.

Her collection was therefore called Modern Definition Of Momentum. For instance, she took pants and twisted the fabric around the leg, creating interesting pleads and shapes. She paired shorts with bright blue leggings and added a shirt that was just as rebuilt as the matching pants. The colors were all fresh blues, whites and soft greys.

For a debut collection this was quite the show. I am sure stylists will go crazy over those reshaped pants. Not to mention more leggings under shorts. Quite the trend, no?


Later that afternoon, accessories designer Eva Anna Hekking showed her latest creations for her brand EAH!.

EAH! consists of handmade bags catering to the young bag lover. She presented bags of neoncolored plastics, fake furs (the bags had ‘Fake Fur!’ pressed on them).

The models also wore Kanye West sunglasses and lots of plastic, bright colored bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Plastic was key in this collection, therefore these bags are not for everyone. Some of them were huge and overembellished, but that should not stop anyone from purchasing one, because they are of great quality and make quite the statement.

C’est BRILLANT is an initiative by Club Brillant opticians, where 5 new talents are allowed to showcase their collection accessorized with designer glasses.

The show featured designs by Paulina Seropian – refined greys and whirly shaped fabrics – and designer duo Baas + Panders, who showed a collection inspired by women who love the way they look and aren’t afraid to show it.  It resulted in lots of sheer fabrics and micromini hems.

Then there was Miquel Mohamedjar who showed a romantic collection of autumny colors and ladylike silhouettes. Rianne de Witte showed some timeless pieces such as a floorlength coat with orange satin on the inside. Samir Amezian showed Moroccan kaftans and the only wedding dress of the week.


The week was closed by Tessa Koops who presented her new collection for her brand Daite.

The collection was an easily accessible collection for every woman. It featured all the basic garnments – shirts, dresses, pants – in bold, flowery prints.

But the coat was the main point of this collection. From trenches, to short coats she showed a lot of variations on the coat. If anyone needs a coat next season, be sure to look at this line.

She also showed some t-shirt dresses that were aimed at the younger buyer, with the Daite heart-logo printed on the bright oranges and pinks of the pieces.

It wasn’t the most reinventing collection ever, but it featured what a fashion show must have: sellable pieces.

Photos courtesy of and the Fashion Spot forums.