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21 Questions with…Matt Bernson

Based in Tribeca, Matt Bernson is the man behind some of Hollywood's and the fashion world's favorite shoes. Rare is the day where a slew of boldface names, including the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Naomi Watts, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Alba, aren't photographed in one of his designs, all of which are hand produced in artisinal workshops in New York City. 

Here, Bernson answers our 21 questions.

1. When I'm getting dressed in the morning I always think… if i am late and have to literally run, will I look like a sweaty accountant in what I am putting on.

2. The key to designing a great shoe… details, detail, details — from the sole to the heel counter to the belting to the hardware, you can always find little nuances to make the simplest thing intriguing.

3. Every shoe closet should have… lots and lots of space with a little door that leads to ANOTHER shoe closet.

4. The celebrity I was most excited to see in my design was… The first, Courteney Cox, thanks!

5. The one celebrity that hasn't yet worn one of my pieces that I would love to see in one is… Kate Bosworth.

6. My guilty pleasure is… Reading Apartameto magazine cover to cover.

7. My most treasured pair of shoes is… Common Projects sneakers — black with a gum rubber sole.

8. The one electric device I couldn't live a day without… iMac.

9. When I relax I… read with my dog curled in my legs.

10. My favorite place to shop is… Onassis on Green Street.

11. I wouldn't be caught dead in… Prada.

12. My favorite thing about New York is… the fact that it would fill several books to answer this question.

13. The best styling tip I ever got… elimination is the secret to chic.

14. Day to day I like to wear… pants I buy at the Hong Kong airport.

15. My one shoe pet peeve is… kitten heels.

16. The clothing piece I'm currently wearing the most often is… grey button down shirts with the sleeves rolled.

17. My all time favorite purchase… a three button collared white pullover shirt from RPM 45.

18. On a typical Saturday night you'll find me… at dinner with friends if I am in New York.

19. If I could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be… my wife and dog Abraham.

20. The last song I listened to is… Jimmy Hendrix "Hear my Train a Comin'".

21. My biggest style regret is… going semi-dreadlocks and goatee in the college surfing years.