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I know for a fact wearing this season’s COS would please my mother because:

a) it’s a friendly chain store that never gave her headaches a few years ago when I had to drag my mother out shopping with me (that would be Topshop at Brent Cross Shopping Centre) and


b) the clothes are at first glance achingly demure and if styled just like the lookbook here, would incite comments of approval from all the ‘aunties’ saying how ‘guai’ I look (translation being obedient/sensible) and


c) the price points are as such that they’re Primark-cheap raising suspicions of poor quality and they’re not extravagant either, which means the mothership won’t bring up financial sensibilities such as mortgages and planning for the future…. (she has come round to my ‘rent 4 life’ way of thinking though…)

The fact that I’m posting this lookbook is a dire indication of my really missing the mothership.


Of course my usual habit of buying COS gets wrecked by the fact that I would never style it in this lookbook way…