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Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best…

If there's one thing that could make a workout obsessed gal like myself forget about a possible running-induced hairline fracture, it would be a day that starts with a Harry Winston-hosted breakfast and ends with a dinner invitation from DeBeers.

So, while it may have hurt my hip and gone against my doctor's orders to refrain from walking, I made my way to The Lambs Club early yesterday morning for a three course breakfast hosted by Harry Winston (no one can keep a girl from diamonds…even if there's security to stop her from keeping them!).

The Gift of Hope Bracelet

A beautiful winter wonderland was set up for us to relax in as we were guided through the famed jeweler's holiday collection.

This season's collection includes, for the first time, a diamond hair accessory (pictured above), The Gift of Hope Bracelet (each Harry Winston boutique has partnered with a charity and will be donating 100% of the $2,500 bracelet's proceeds), and Charms by Harry Winston, a chic collection of daytime jewelry that pays tribute to Winston design through five unique pieces including a diamond engagement ring charm pictured below.

As for DeBeers, they went all out for a dinner to celebrate the launch of their first ever high-end collection, which they debuted during the Haute Couture shows in Paris in July. The luxury collection retails for between $331,485, for a pair of earrings with 5 carats of diamonds, to $5,516,550 for a 16.38 carat diamond brooch. The collection includes eight one-of-a-kind pieces, five of which have already been sold.

After their Parisian debut, the stunning pieces were flown to Taiwan where they were presented at a jewelry fair for top clients and, given the fast positive response to the collection titled Imaginary Nature, it's little surprise that DeBeers has a second collection planned and which will most likely launch during the couture shows next July.

In the meantime, the three pieces pictured above are still up for grabs. I could possibly be persuaded to trade my left hip for one…just saying.