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Lauren David Peden, The Fashion Informer

“4 Stroke was a brand new company and they were just starting out and they were looking for somebody that was just starting out as well, and it just so happened to be me!”

So explained fashion-rock progeny Theodora Richards (daughter of model Patti Hansen and Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards) on how she came to be Vice President of Creative Direction for the New York based “music inspired” premium denim label, 4 Stroke Jeans.

“Now I have this title, which is so official sounding, it’s ridiculous,” added the whippet thin, surprisingly grounded blond who has, until recently, been making her living as a model (as does her younger sister, Alexandra).  “You know, a lot of [famous] people go and get involved in the business and they just sit back and let everybody else do it for them, but these guys have such a good vision and they really want me to be a part of it…”

Not least of which stems from Richards’ long time obsession with all things denim (what, you thought Keef’s kid would be swanning around in diamonds and fur?  Not bloody likely.)

What’s in current rotation on your iPod?

Today I’ve been listening to Jimmy Durante and Otis Redding. 

Tell me about your favorite pair of jeans.

Well, there’s this pair by 4 Stroke called the Clutch that have a really gorgeous layered pocket in the back and a zipper that goes down the back of the shin so you can either have a flair or it can be super tight. I love that jean.  And then there’s one called the Roseland, which is a skinny that looks good on every type of woman.  We’ve been dyeing them in these fluorescent colors – they’re gonna come out later on this year – and they’re incredible.

What is your favorite method of communication?

I like writing a letter and sending it in the post, but that rarely happens, so…I have a Blackberry and it’s the easiest – and the only – way to get in touch with me these days.

What’s your favorite holiday?

I really like when we’re all together as a family.  This past Christmas, we had 75 family members in my house in Connecticut and it was amazing.  My mom was ecstatic, glowing; she loves when we come home.  Everybody’s having babies and, it was really awesome. My mom just redid the kitchen and she just was so excited to show it to everybody.  You know, we really enjoy each other’s company.

What’s the greatest or most important lesson that your parents taught you?

I’ve never been judged by my parents, and I will never judge another…and then manners are always fantastic, so I definitely thank them for teaching me my skills and politeness.

Theodora and Alexandra vs. Mary Kate and Ashley: who would win in a fight?

Oh God, I think that anybody would say me and Alexandra, just because those girls are tiny.

When are you happiest?

When I am around my family, definitely, in the sunshine.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.

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