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This collection is moodier and more grown-up than the previous two.

I’ve explored a bit more with fabrics, such as a chain-fringed skirt and fur-print satin. Special fabrics can bring out versatile silhouette.

Feel free to drop me a comment or two, I love to hear all sorts of opinions. Close-ups, sizes, measurements are available in my ‘Design Gallery’ page and the prices range from S$42-S$89. Please contact me if you are interested in any items via my blog.

Photographed by Stephanie Goh

GlossandGravel (site), Crimsoncream (blog))
Styled by Cheryl Chan
Hair by Cheryl Chan
Makeup by Stephanie Goh (Erica), Cheryl Chan (Zoey)
Location: Stephanie’s home studio
Concept & directions: Laila ‘Rock.The.Trend.’