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I might have expressed in the past that I’m not really a ‘beach’ person.  The idea of lying around with a pile of books on a beach might entice me for one or two days but after that I’d be itching to go elsewhere.


I really don’t fare well in ‘middle of nowhere’ type holidays. However, this summer, I may have been converted as I went absolutely no where for the summer and instead had to endure colleagues telling me about crystal blue sea, white sand and remote tree huts.


Grass is greener on the other side blah blah blah hence all I’ve been thinking about is escaping to somewhere remote post fashion week.


Pity that I won’t be able to order Lauren Kovin’s SS/09 collection in time.



All delicate bamboo and viscose jersey in eight pieces that can be worn in a multitude of ways.


This isn’t by any means a new concept but I haven’t seen it done recently with such intricate detail and lightness of touch… meaning my kinda beach attire… a sarong and a bikini just doesn’t work for me.


Kovin’s pieces of course work beyond the beach but then I wouldn’t be able to practise my wind-in-hair, slow beach walk that so many femmes are good at whereas I just sort of wrinkle my nose at all that sun, sand and flesh baring and shudder away…