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Would any of you watch planet of the apes, the Flintstones and get inspired to create a collection? Well Christopher Kane did.

Kane sent down the runway models in leopard sweaters matched with not so flattering (even on the models) leather skirts. He did manage to mix tough colors and fabrics without them looking tacky, something he is great at.

He then moved on with pieces that remind us of his giant pailletes of his very praised last season. Beautiful, circle geometric cut out dresses – some very wearable and yet modern, others became way too conceptual like the trimmed fur dresses.

Maybe he was trying to show the gorilla inspiration in a less obvious way then on the pieces with a screen-printed gorilla that would be a big hit in the hipster crowd.

Nude colors were very present, a trend we have been seeing a lot in New York and London.

Kane seems to know how to restrain himself and create pieces that women create cravings for, like on those very sexy sheer black dresses or on the very modernized skinny pant.

Kane became a star overnight in the London scene. Yes the industry is tired, and we all love a breathe of fresh air, but anything that is build so fast can fall down as quickly.

Lets just hope these young designers like Kane are ready and will keep intriguing us with their whimsical collections…but in

the end the clothes must actually be wearable.

Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.