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AP News, London

Designer John Rocha presented his Spring/Summer 2009 collection to a packed house at London Fashion Week on Monday, showing a variety of mostly pale summer clothes spiced at the end with several dresses of brilliant bright colors.

A startling blue dress closed the show to strong applause, following dramatic yellow, coral pink and turquoise.

Rocha used lace inspired knits for many of the lightweight outfits, which seemed to float on the models as if propelled by a summer breeze.

The models wore extremely pale makeup and little jewelry or other adornment and sported large, snub toed pumps and bright patent flats.

The male models wore trousers that ended well above the ankles, with heavy, army-style boots and whimsical mesh hats in the porkpie style. Those without hats wore their hair combed forward in Beatles-style bangs.


Photos courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.