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AP Fashion Writer, Milan

"A joy to wear," is how Giorgio Armani described his new collection for the Spring/Summer 2009.
The clothes with their soft shades and fluid shapes were certainly a joy to the eye, as the maestro’s collection unfolded Monday in the theater of his ultramodern headquarters. Actress Cate Blanchett looked on admiringly from her front-row seat.
Starting with the latest Armani jacket, lined in chiffon and long enough to gently brush against the hips, the collection was all about airy elegance. The featherweight cocktail dresses cut in leaf shapes underline the wispy nature of the look, while puff and tucked-under hems contribute to the breezy feel of the summer styles. Skirts are the dominant theme of the collection.
The color palette at Armani ranges from sandy beige to sea shell brown, with the demure eveningwear dotted with sequins like drops of early morning dew.

Models gave the impression of effortlessness, as they stepped lightly down the runway in delicate high-heeled sandals or soft slippers with nymph-like hairstyles and romantic beaded jewelry.
The aim of his latest collection as stated in the designer’s show notes was to "transform pure elegance into delightful dressing in beautiful clothes designed to meet the demands of everyday life."
Armani had already partially reached this goal over the weekend, for his second line Emporio Collection aimed at the younger set.
Extreme lightness was also the theme of this collection with its soft understated hues for the wispy styles including feminine shorts worn over slim pants in soft jersey, sequined tops and pearl adorned evening wear.
The Milan womenswear fashion week, a semiannual event of the best in Italian ready-to-wear ends Friday, Sept. 26th and includes among its packed calendar of over 100 designers such top names as Prada, Gucci, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.