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Elena Miro opened Milan Fashion Week with an elegant garden party.

A celebration of feminine innocence was in every aspect of this collection–from the floral motif and flowy garments in soft and iron colours to the touches of brightness and sartorial constructions of the jackets. 

Delicate dresses and blouses in chiffon are part of this airy atmosphere; low fronts, bare shoulders and layers of the skirts highlight the sensuality bringing some not-so-innocent fun into the garden. 

The floral element has been used all over in this collection, as prints, applications and decoration of the pieces. These bursts of color are well contrasted and balanced, with a splash of glow from the shiny coating of the jackets and the decorated lace tunics, matched with bell-bottom trousers and gold bracelets. 

The silouhettes with high waist, acentuate the volume of the dresses, giving them movement and a sense of irregularity in their embrace of the body.

All of the creations from the most basic piece to the most stunning detail come toguether to lead our minds towards a romantic summer fairy tale; or maybe, a very stylish cocktail party in the garden. 




All images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.