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Amongst the mass of flashy collections in Milan Jil Sander is usually a huge breath of fresh air–and this season is no different. Over 40 looks of sheer tailored perfection donned the runway, making for an all out aesthetically pleasing treat.

However, these looks aren’t only golden to the eye, as the collection screams practicality for women from all walks of life. The pieces are in signature Jil style; minimalist, clean lines and flattering cuts and the monochromatic color scheme only enhances the punch of the flawless execution.

There’s just the right amount of details going on to keep it from getting monotonous; long fringe falls beautifully from the precision garments and provides the right amount of glamour.

Staying true to the brand, the clothing is quite conservative in nature but manages to deliver plenty of sex appeal with edgy cuts and plenty of skin left showing. The range of garments is fantastic; from ultra sleek pantsuits, to more playful fringe dresses with diagonal cuts.

The only thing this collection falls short on are lack of gimmicks, which can’t be applauded enough. It’s obvious the amount of thought that went into this one as these are clothes you can buy, wear under almost any circumstance, and that they are constructed of fabric that will last for the long haul.

And as always, the presentation is strictly no frills; the clothing is left to speak for itself, and that it does: maybe not loud, but very clear.

All images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.