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There was a change in the winds at Etro, as the design house looked East toward Indonesia and India for inspiration. 

One felt as if they were walking through an Indian spice market as a vibrant array of colors paraded down the runway. 

The strong neutral color palette was spiced up with burnt-oranges, brushed browns, flower blossom pinks, minty greens, pastel turquoises and golden yellows.

These colors infused rich silk kimono sleeved jackets, beautiful batik printed chiffons dresses, Sari inspired overalls, luxurious jewel encrusted vests, and of course Etro’s signature, paisley printed silk dresses and pants – which is where this collection really shined.

However, there were a few lack-luster moments – the two boxy silk pajama suits that came down the runway in succession were an eyesore, and the styling could have been better for some of the printed silk pieces as well (too many Indian inspired prints in one look made the model seem as if she was in line to be the next maharaja instead of the next “it” girl, but styled differently – the individual pieces could have really shone). 

All in all it was a collection that had enough wearable pieces to please buyers, and a good enough infusion of “one-off” style garments to satiate the fashionistas.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.