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AP Fashion Writer, Milan, Italy

Gucci was meant to be the highlight of a slow day in Milan, but although chocked with wearable styles, it never reached the fashion spheres of past seasons.

For summer wear, the house’s creative director Frida Giannini, an accessory expert, opted to limit jewelry to large precious stones, including amethyst, agate and crystal, which more often than not she used as embroidery for her eveningwear, including the latest Gucci black suede clutch.

Daywear at Gucci is all about holidaying, starting with the crisp summer suit with boyish jacket and cropped trouser, worn with a cocky straw hat and the new leather backpack.

The Safari style pops up everywhere, from mini skirt and rolled shorts to strapless jumpsuit.

The sporty outfits are spiffed up by gold zippers and large pockets. Mini kaftans offer a poolside alternative that can also drift into the summer night.

As in many of the collections seen on the runway this week, footwear at Gucci comes close to being stilts, with an ultrahigh heel compensated by a thick platform sole.

For evening, Giannini envelopes her women in ultra light, long gowns, that could double for tents.

Large brooches sewn into the fabric and made out of precious stones, hold these gowns together.

The Gucci palette is also based on precious stone hues, plus the summer favorite – turquoise.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.