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On Friday 19th September, Emma Bell showcased her collection, sponsored by Lambrini,  at Vauxhall Fashion Scout as part of London Fashion Week.

For some,  London Fashion Week is over – but for me, I am still reminiscing about the most extravagant and generally fun show I attended that week. And I have Emma Bell to thank.

Inspired by cartoons, the show attracted many of the fashion pack dressed in outrageous fashion and boasting their individuality. The crowd was belly to belly (I have never appreciated priority ticketing quite so much) as they eagerly awaited to be let in, and for the show to commence. Before the show started, a small movie by James Batley was played, which consisted of fun bright colours and various cartoons, illustrating her inspiration.

The designer was inspired by “weird twisted fairytales involving strange wife-beating sticks and bizarre entities living in glitter encrusted shacks courtesy of a food-stained book I found in Oxfam for £2”

All you can eat buffets, Russian folklore and French Revolution style decadent dinner parties, are listed as her inspirations and influences towards the collection.

The collection was centred on exaggerated proportions, accentuated with glorious neon colours and hints of sequins which gave off a fantasy club land feel. Watermelon inspired shorts and Tweety-esque leggings were sent down the catwalk and highly appreciated by the audience.

Fried egg bikinis and pizza slice bikini’s were definitely my favourite items from the collection, followed quite closely by the junk food dress.


Emma Bell said on her blog:

“…even from last December when I found myself trekking around the Far East scribbling in journals and sketchbooks and sourcing the perfect fabrics in the weirdest markets ever…BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT! From the design, to sourcing, to pattern cutting, to making…to spending months knitting and bejewelling, to juggling special freelance projects…’s been incredibly intense!”

The hair and makeup were also well received, and were just as extravagant as the garments. Neon colours, exaggerated lipstick and glitter smothered almost everywhere.

Rachel Wood, make up artist said:

"Since there was a playful food theme going on, I wanted to translate this into juicy, fruit-coloured lips"

Body paint was worn by the models, as well as coloured tights and retro, 1940’s styled hair.

In typical Emma Bell fashion, the show was fun and lively and featured many beautiful pieces in an array of colours. I was a fan of her before, but seeing her collection live definitely secured this, and I look forward to seeing more cute, dazzling fun from Emma Bell.

All images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.