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Making the much anticipated transition to Paris Fashion Week this season was Gareth Pugh, who delivered a brilliant effort on the opening day.

The young and wildly talented British designer, who is best known for his exaggerated silhouettes and extravagant presentation, showed everyone with this spring collection that he has the ability to edit his work for the Paris crowd without losing what it is that makes him so very special.

The black and white color palette added to the dimensional feel of the looks. The fronts of the garments were white, while the backs and undersides of the detailing were black, as if the pieces are emerging from darkness and into the light.

The silhouettes, while not as exaggerated as his previous work, were nonetheless dramatic. Raised and extended shoulders, expanded hips with gill-like detailing and Elizabethan collars made for great structure and eye-catching shapes.

However, there was no lack of femininity, as most of the pieces were surprisingly body conscious and accentuated the female shape, despite contrasting factors such as the boxy nature of some of the designs. The mixture of textures used also enhanced the depth that the geometric shapes created.

His accessories were minimal but powerful; bold, fingerless gloves, ranging from short to long and severe platform shoes which mimiced the details of the clothing. The models also had coordinating black and white nail polish, as well as wet looking hair, covered eyebrows and accentuated white eyelashes.

The thought that goes into Pugh’s designs was always nearly impossible to deny and this collection only solidifies it. He’s made a great first impression on Paris and it was definitely worth the wait.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.