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I was very much looking forward to the Spring 2009 Christian Dior collection so I was disappointed that this season the John Galliano-designed collection lacked the excitement and drama that we’ve come to expect.


That said, the styling of the show was impeccable – from the set, to the makeup, to the beautifully sculpted hair, everything wonderfully complemented the "Tribal Chic’ (as noted on the program), collection.

When Galliano says Tribal-Chic however, he’s not thinking of traditional tribal prints (though there were goddess figures adorning the heels of his shoes). Between the abundance of sheer looks, short dresses, and gowns that looked more like extravagant lingerie than anything one might wear to a black-tie affair, the collection could have been titled the Tribe of Sexy-Chic.

The strongest looks were the more tailored, cinched at the waist ones and beautifully tailored jackets done in python and leather.

There were some nice pops of vibrant orange, lemon yellow, and spotty animal prints that helped liven-up the collection that for the most part stuck to the same silhouette.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.