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By Sharon Feiereisen

Takahashi presented his Spring 2009 collection in an expansive loft space called Art Studio in the 18th arrondissement in Paris.


The dark, industrial-like concrete space with its abundance of steel beams perfectly complemented Takahashi’s mysterious all-white collection titled "Grace."

This season Takahashi notes that he was inspired by white, fluffy creatures with luminous eyes called "Graces." These creatures, invented by Takahashi, keep their distance from humans. A secret organization called Gila, he says, has succeeded in breeding and protecting the Graces. Gila also has played a crucial role in fostering a relationship between both the Graces and the human species.  To illustrate this notion, Takahashi made dolls (which looked somewhat like a cross between an alien and a monkey with luminous eyes and a light on the tip of their tails), which rested on the shoulders of a few of the mannequins that were set-up in the center of the gallery space.

Grace-inspired photographs by Katsuhide Morimoto were set-up around the gallery space depicting everything from a valley of Graces, to people dining amidst 20-some cages of Graces, to a young woman starring at a luminous Grace.

As for the clothes themselves, it took quiet an effort to concentrate on them with so much of the surrounding space attracting the eye (not to mention how distracting the dolls were). That said, unlike what one might have expected the garments themselves were not particularly out of the box.

Surprisingly romantic and light, there was a nice mix of carefully crafted, layered sportswear, dresses, and gowns. Bold rhinestone baubles and pops of off-white helped give the collection some life.

While I loved the presentation I do wish I’d, had the chance to see the clothes on models rather than mannequins. Given the nature of the collection’s color palette, the army of mannequins did not succeed in highlighting the clothes as evidenced by the fact that most of the party’s attendees were mingling and walking around the space rather than focusing their attention on the collection.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.