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Though the program notes at Sophia Kokasalaki didn’t mention anything in the way of the designer’s inspiration, from her touches of gold, prints, and models with buns on the top of their heads, it was clear that Kokasalaki was inspired by Egypt for her Spring 2009 collection.

The chiffon-heavy collection was beautifully styled and my eyes were immediately drawn to the dangling gold earrings, snakehead bracelets, semi-precious stone-accented cuffs, and her array of mostly black and strappy shoes that were finished with gold accents on the heel.

Geometric shapes made for beautiful collars and pockets that stood away from the body on a number of the dresses and trenches.

As has been the case with many of the collections so far this season, a number of Kokasalaki’s looks were cinched at the waist and a handful had touches of sheerness.

Kokasalaki is a master at creating beautifully draped tight ruffles. One look in particular, a black chiffon gown cinched at the wait with a hint of gold, had tight ruffles delicately cascading down the middle.

Amidst the wonderfully crafted black and neutral pieces were welcome pops of color with the exception of the handful of turquoise looks that, accented with fringe and sheer ruffles, seemed disjointed from the rest of the collection.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.