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When a designer has a very distinct and recognizable style, it’s always a gamble when they make the decision to switch things up a bit after a few seasons of knowing what people respond well to and have come to expect for them.

An artist who is at one with their craft should be able to successfully breathe some new life into their work and still have it come across as ‘them’. For Ms. Demeulemeester, this was naturally no sweat. After a few lovely – but slightly repetitive – seasons of dark, heavily androgynous collections clearly inspired by her muse Patti Smith, it is fabulous to see her return to her lighter and brighter side.

Airy fabrics and feminine detailing immediately made this collection stand out from what she’s done recently.

However, great trousers, jackets, gathered and bound dresses and dangling straps amongst other traits that she’s known and loved for kept the familiarity.

Bright orange tones were implemented about halfway through the collection, and while it’s an unlikely color, it somehow works so well with her aesthetic. She brought back some of the amazing striped garments she has such a knack for, which added another angle to this diverse yet cohesive collection.

As far as the accessories, they were out of this world. Incredibly long, eye-catching silver necklaces which spanned the entire torso of the models will surely be a must-have item once they hit the shops. The footwear was gorgeous; it covered the sides and back of the foot but left the fronts completely exposed, save for the intricate laces that ended up at the ankles.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.