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Though the Spring 2009 Ennio Capasa-designed Costume National collection stayed true to the sexy, but tailored play on classics that Costume National has come to be known for, it was somewhat repetitive (read boring), and awash with off-white, coal, and black, along with an airbrushed print (described as dark and light as skies reflected in glass buildings in the program notes), that didn’t do much besides wash-out the models who were ill-styled with geled-at-the-side-hair.

Overall the collection had an overwhelmingly earthy natural feel.

The pants were cut slim and as is the trend pushed-up above the calf or long to the ankle which, despite being nice in that it exposed the shoes, was not flattering and gave, as is usually the case with this style, many of the pants a shrunken look.

The stand-outs of the collection were the meticulously cut geometric jackets which showed off Capasa’s knack for draping.

The emphasis was on the shoulders, which were accented with pleats.

It’s just unfortunate that between the jackets, skirts, and trousers everything was so matchy-matchy that it was hard to appreciate the detail.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.