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It takes an exceptional designer to conceptualize a runway show as stunning as Hussein Chalayan’s Spring 2009 show was without over-shadowing the fashion.

Aptly titled Inertia, the wearable art collection’s standout came at the end when a handful of models wore looks that literally resisted any change when faced with movement.

The models, in molded latex dresses with hand-painted images of crushed cars and spikes that looked like frozen icicles sticking-out from their backs, stood on the circular, revolving runway as gusts of wind blew at them.

Then, all the lights went off and dozens of wine glasses, which were lined up along a faux-bar inset in the back of the runway, were smashed. The result? A frighteningly loud effect that made my, and most of the other members of the audience’s, heart beat faster mid-awe.

Slowly the lights went up and you could tell the hard-to-please crowd was all smiles as a result of the ingenious production they had just seen.

As for the clothes, they had a futuristic feel to them and many were tailored slim along with more free-flowing chiffon dresses, gorgeous bathing suits with carefully worked fabric detailing, and blue and white striped pieces with pops of fluorescent yellow.

The styling of the looks, many of which were accented with headpieces or sunglasses and all of which were paired with sky-high pumps and dramatic lips, was flawless.


Images courtesy of theFashionSpot forums.