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The Spring 2009 Agnes Trouble-designed Agnes B. collection was signature Agnes B. – besides a jumper and some sheer looks nothing played into the over-arching trends we’ve seen emerge over the course of fashion month and overall the collection had very few surprises throughout the 74 look show that got to feel a bit repetitive.

In her program notes, Trouble talks about her style being "very French," and appealing to both girls and women from all over the world. Indeed there isn’t all that much not to like about this season’s Agnes B line besides some of the hippy, dowdy flower looks and the black and white leather and checkered silk cowboy ones, that is.

Trouble delivered exactly what her devotees expect — basic, but chic everyday looks along with a few odd blips and surprising production details which had some of the models riding out on bicycles, holding wired doves on their fingers, carrying tennis rackets, and baskets of flowers.

The stand-out pieces including a hooded cape with the words "b. careful" emblazoned on the back which was worn by a model as she rode on a pedal bike along the runway — given how often I’ve almost been run-over by cyclists since I arrived in Paris last week, the look couldn’t have been more appropriate.

There were also jeans with one leg done in black and one in white, a pair of sexy, slim skinny leather pants, and a black appliqué jersey dress.

Though perhaps more notable than the clothing was the fact that Agnes Trouble opted to forgo flashy big name models. Instead the designer used "real women" – curves, thighs, breasts – there were no signs of the skin and bone models from all the other runways here (much to the dismay of the photographers who howled and yelled every time one of the models failed to pose where she was supposed to), though nothing could have been more fitting given her everyday-casual-chic clientele.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.