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While other designers have been participating in the Sci-Fi fashion wars that seems to be invading Paris fashion week, Dries Van Noten took it upon himself to deliver a dose of current sensibilities, and presented a collection that spoke to the practical needs of today’s woman, i.e. pieces that made simple statements in style. 

The procession of beautifully crafted silk fabrics took shape in the form of: breezy duster coats; shift dresses; and easy going shorts and trousers, coming in a simple array of colors such as black, white, orange, and a splash of lilac – one might have thought that they were viewing a Ralph Lauren show, instead of a designer from Belgium.  

In addition to these instant-classics, Noten couldn’t resist throwing in some trompe d’oeil geo prints, such as mirrored checkerboard prints, stripes and graphic grids to spice things up and create movement to the eye. However, it was more the stunning accessories than the graphic prints that really caught the attention of the crowd.   

Oversized coil necklaces, African inspired metal studded ankle-strap shoes, gold sequin embellished cuffs, and 60s style sunglasses made it easy to imagine how a woman could wear any piece from this collection comfortably during the day, and make an easy transition to night by just throwing on some bedazzled heels.   

While Noten’s collection was unexpected given his past outings and the style sensibilities that Paris Fashion Week tends to exude from designers, he showed a collection that made his house’s most powerful statement to date – keep it simple. 

 Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.