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Banner image courtesy of tFS user PetitLapinVegan.
When he started his eponymous line, Kaiser Karl unabashedly stated that it would be a reflection “of how he would dress if he were a woman.”
True to form, Lagerfeld has since been sending models down the runway in his signature white and black tailored pieces that are synonymous with Lagerfeld’s personal style staples.   

However, also true to Lagerfeld’s form, is his unparalleled ability to foresee the future trends of fashion, quiet literally the future in this case, and translate those nuances into wearable art for all women to pine over. 

Newcomers to this season’s edition of the Lagerfeld legacy were: asymmetrical trousers that harmoniously combined tailoring and draping techniques, flounce upon flounce of black chiffon, silhouette contouring girdle-like asymmetric patent leather belts atop futuristic stealths, and organza peplum tailored skirt suits.   

Lagerfeld, of course, leaving no stone unturned, armed his looks with accessories that make statements of their own – the metal body jewelry that was inspired by tattoos, laser-cut patent leather cuffs, and those amazing asymmetric belts, which, YES, do need mentioning twice! 

Perhaps the best moment, was of Angela Lindvall sauntering down the runway peering through the “eyes of Karl”– literally through a handbag handle that was shaped to resemble Lagerfeld’s signature sunglasses, complete with a screen printed bust of the Kaiser himself on the body of the bag…it indeed gave one a true sense of how Karl would dress if he were, in fact,  a woman.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.