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By Sharon Feiereisen

I had been looking forward to the Lego and Disney inspired JC/DC Spring 2009 collection all week and was all smiles when I walked into the room at the Louvre where the show was being held to find a space covered from floor to wall in vibrant cloud-print (fittingly the first two of the collection’s looks were a cloud-printed silk suit and a cotton jumper printed with the same).

The multi-colored program notes noted that Man Like Me was performing live on the runway and the energetic boys turned-out to be the perfect pairing with Castebajac print-splashed clothes. In fact, at the end of the show they continued with their performance and unlike the typical show where the bulk of the crowd starts packing together to leave before the designer is done taking his final bow, the JC/DC show had them staying put as they cheered and smiled in excitement.

The vibrant collection included oversized black and white polka-dot suits, multi-colored puzzle printed shirts, sequin dresses including one with Pluto the dog imprinted with "Koons is my kunst!," vinyl trench coats, and of particular note, a yellow sequin Obama dress with "I dream of change today," emblazoned on the back that drew applause.

In fact, Obama support has been making waves since Nicole Farhi accented her dresses with Obama ’08 pins in her show in London. Since, the Rodarte sisters showed a dress that was both anhomage to Rykiel and pro-Obama during the 40th Anniversary Rykiel show followed by Stella McCartney who had program notes that included "P.S. V.O.T.E. Obama!!"

As far as accessories there were elaborate, eye-catching Lego hats and sunglasses, leather and vinyl multi-colored Lego inspired pumps and patent leather Mickey Mouse stilettos along with colorful backpacks and sneakers for the men.

Though it seems wrong to compare someone as uniquely talented as Castelbajac to anyone else, his clothes have an Andy Warhol, meets Franco Moschino, meets Sonia Rykiel quality to them. With that in mind it was fitting that he was one of the 30 designers picked to design a dress inspired by Rykiel to be shown in her honor during her 40th anniversary celebration. In fact, his Spring collection had two satin screen-printed hair dresses that looked nearly identical to the one he showed at Rykiel’s homage and his superman mini dress and striped color pieces had an uncanny similarity to the Jeremy Scott and Bernhard Willheim dresses shown in Rykiel’s honor.

All the fashion and accessories aside, it is noteworthy to mention that I was seated a mere foot away from Sacha Baron Cohen who crashed the show as his character Bruno. Standing on the sideline of the runway he tried shoving a piece of paper at the models, climbing over the crowd, and talking to people during the show before getting escorted out by security only to come back and walk, cell phone in hand, on the runway alongside the models who despite it all remained stoic. He then disapeard backstage much to the delight of the crowd, most of which had no idea who he was.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.