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Not surprisingly, designer Limi Yamamoto showed us another outstanding collection this season. Many designers create either feminine or androgynous collections, but Limi is one of the few who brings forth the perfect balance of both. While most of her garments may be oversized, not an ounce of femininity is ever lost along the way.

Her flair for putting a new spin on pieces is always impressive, such as her exciting and modern takes on the classic white button down top. It was a treat to see more of the multi-functional garments which are fast becoming a trademark of the brand, as well.

She incorporates huge pockets within her pieces, which not only has an interesting visual effect but also could eliminate the women who wear her clothing from having to carry a bag. Voluminous and comfortable garments filled the runway; from oversized suits, to short and playful skirts, we got to see a little bit of everything this season.

The styling was adorable as always; models wore headphones made out of faux braided hair, which created a sort of Princess Leia effect. Her consistent use of neck ties, suspenders and heavy boots challenge the traditional ideals of what is considered feminine, meanwhile enhancing the overall cohesiveness of the show. While many of her garments are within the monochromatic realm, the details – such as funky tights and tiered, ruffled pieces – break it up more than enough to keep it diverse.

Her choice of models is admirable, as usual; she casts a broad range of women, in age, size and height, to show us that her clothing is certainly not limited to one woman from one walk of life.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.