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During a season where every other designer seems to be utilizing the trend of fun prints, bright colors and pairing them with dramatic silhouettes, one of the people who have had a large hand in popularizing the trend, Bernhard Willhelm, still manages to stand out. Of course, this is what we’ve come to expect from a visionary whose following loves him for exactly that – his uncanny ability to go against all tradition and produce stand-out results. No longer as underrated as he was at one point, Willhelm is clearly having an impact on the fashion world as many designers are clearly following his lead.

This season’s collection is a bit more toned down than some of his previous, but is not lacking an ounce of his funky essence. The overall silhouette was one of the things he does best: comfortable but voluminous.

As always, there is a masterful use of color going on, from hand crafted prints to solid but bright tones; it’s all very eye-catching but not completely over the top. His always impressive prints ranged from striped to faces of animals and everything in between.

There’s an overall slightly more feminine vibe to these pieces and I think a bit more maturity – not only in his work, which constantly progresses – but rather in the woman he is dressing.

The presentation was definitely a bit out there in true Willhelm fashion. There was no makeup, but rather the models donned Sharpie-esque face paint. Some had designs going on, exaggerated features, humorous drawings and some others simply had words written on their faces. The jewelry had a food theme and there were quite a few masks attached to the model’s heads or on the clothing itself.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.