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Miuccia Prada has always been considered one of the leading visionaries in today’s fashion universe. She has pioneered a number of fashion trends seasons, and, in some cases, years before other designers even contemplated introducing such elements into their line – so it is interesting that the woman who brings us into the future with every frock, looked to the past to gather inspiration for her Miu Miu’s Spring 09’ collection. 

“It’s an investigation of our history, of our European past”, exclaimed Miuccia before sending her gaggle of glamazons down the runway for Spring 09’. 

Luxurious/unusual fabrications have become a signature for both the Miu Miu and Prada lines under Miuccia’s creative leadership, and were, as always, a focal point of the collection.

Whether pleated or folded, smooth silks appeared in harmony with burlap in a concise color story of black, red, and golden sand.

Splashes of color were infused through vibrant Roman tile style prints (part of that historical “investigation”), as well as graffiti-like squiggles that appeared across the front of skirts.

The historical reference was probably also the reasoning behind the frayed holes that scratched many of the garments, making them appear as if they had just been dug out of an attic and dusted off – a style detail only Miuccia could make look high-end.  

All these elements came together in a very focused collection where cinched waists and low slung asymmetric aprons reigned supreme.

As the fashion industry psychic, if Miuccia’s collection is any indication of the future as, I look forward to it. 



Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.