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By definition, a hermit is someone who has withdrawn from society and lives a solitary existence, free from the cares of mankind; based upon two of the trends that reared their heads during the recent Spring/Summer 2009 collections, I am seriously considering becoming a fashion-hermit next year.

“What pushed me towards this reclusive behavior?” you ask. 

Firstly, the bared midriff, which was seen at Prada, Comme des Garcons, YSL, Vivienne Westwood, and a host of other venues. 

From slivers of skin to full-ribcage exposure this surely falls under the category of “things that the majority of the population should avoid”. 

Yet, the sheer volume (pardon the pun) of muffin tops in existence recently leads me to think that this will be a popular look on the High Street.

The second culprit is lamé; specifically the acres of fabric that met the eye at Chloe, courtesy of their paperbag-waisted, copper-colored, pants and chocolate-colored playsuits, Louis Vuitton’s bubble skirts and jackets, and Prada’s golden dresses.

It has to be faced that, although most of us can’t afford these labels, the ready availability of lamé at American Apparel means that there is a good chance that the warm weather will bring forth an array of ensembles that hint more of Bacofoil-wrapped chicken than high fashion.

Hence my consideration of the merits of hermit-dom; after all, a cave, some dark clothing, and a spider to keep me company and I should be all set.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.