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People might have wondered a little about what the deal is with DIP, a label that is according to Vogue “shrouded in mystery”.  Well I’m not sure what they’re up to in the future but they do have a website so they’re not so mysterious, and their eight piece collection is going into Topshop on the 21st October.  It does what it says on the tin…”Vintage rock, deconstructed opulence and something intricate , but uncomplicated” and it is inexpensive at £37-£48.


The cut aways, distressing, crystals and ink splatters all sort of fuse different inspirations and elements together, bringing to mind Mark Fast and his webby knits, Balmain and Vivienne Westwood.  All Saints back in the day were also purposely distressing/destroying things which I was never a fan of, so I do approach DIP with a bit of trepidation.  Eight pieces aren’t many to go on but I see inklings (quite literally in the case of the dress…) of something that could be interesting and does indeed add a different dimension to Topshop given that no two pieces will be the same.  For the moment though, less crystals (or you’re gonna use them, whack a load more on…), more webby cut-outs and I’m good to go…