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I’m traveling around a bit over the month but I know each time that I come back to London, it will always be that little bit colder.  I don’t know whether it’s a totally imagined feeling due to the end of a holiday but I always shiver a little as soon as I get out of the airport.

The Etsy seller Yokoo solves the wrapping up warm problem and also another blog-related query which I get on a daily basis; “Where can I buy the United Colours of Benetton chain scarf that you got?” – to which I always answer “It’s impossible to find the same one as they were sold over a year ago…”.  Now I can propose an alternative, as Yokoo makes a variety of chain scarves in a plethora of colours that are far more interesting than the ones Benetton made.


I can testify that the scarves are also appropriate for other uses such as belts and dress customization (I’ve tied mine as a one shoulder strap on a dress once…) so Yokoo’s different lengths, chunkiness and colours of knitted chains will serve different purposes.

She also creates many a cosy neck/head wrap.

It does help that Yokoo models all of her creations herself and photographs herself in such a way that really sells the knitted goods.  I’m wondering who else but her can pull off these hats.

The slightly bleak settings, the greys/teal tones in the background, the face-on serious expression and oversized glasses all contribute to enhancing the pieces.  For some reason I’m reminded of films like Lars and the Real Girl, Lonesome Jim and Thumbsucker… settings and scenarios that call for a little bit of bleakness…

I get that feeling a lot when trying to wrap up warm.