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One of today’s greats in the world of knitwear, Sandra Backlund, delivers another boundary-pushing collection this spring. Her work always takes knitwear to new heights and there is so much going on in addition to that.

The details in the pieces of this collection are really something special, by way of everything from intricate patterns to dramatic shapes. These eye-catching patterns are thoughtful and extremely well executed and help to create amazing silhouettes. While not as voluminous as some of the past seasons, there is no shortage of bold shapes in this collection.

Protruding and overlapping shapes, stacked on one another, create shadows and dimensions within the silhouettes. Proportion-wise, the collection is consistently young and sexy, despite how voluminous or tight fitting the garment is. 

The color palette is fairly monochromatic but it lends itself a great deal to the futuristic and forward-thinking patterns and detailing which are abundant. With every passing season, she showcases new techniques and with them, flawless execution and in the process, leaves us dying to see what she’ll come up with next.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot