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The internet may have provided the blog with most of the research content but if I can’t find something through the wonderful world of the interweb, then I will make damn sure I try and come across it in real life.  Paris Fashion Week gave me an opportunity where, at the sprawling mass that is the Tranoi showroom, I rediscovered the label Insideout which I first wrote about, not knowing much about it, and wrote about it again, STILL not knowing much.

Finally, I was able to put faces to Yvette and James, who are behind the mysterious label.   Better yet, I have their contact details so I can harrass them for information as their website is still not up ready yet.  I need to harrass them because I cannot for the life of me understand why they still have no UK stockists.

Their trompe d’oeil printed garments are extraordinary, with each piece so versatile and so well-executed that I can see a piece falling into most people’s wardrobes (men and women).  I can see them in department stores and boutiques alike… an interesting staple label, if you will.

Do I have to trek all the way to Japan, where apparently they have quite a few stockists?  Thankfully not because they will be taking matters into their own hands and launching their e-shop SOON.  The S/S 09 collection is a continuation of what they have always done, consisting of silk pieces printed with recognizable fabric textures, garments like the trench and mishaps that are made beautiful (holey fabric, worn out muslin).