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Rick Owens’ style couldn’t be more recognizable at this point. It’s distinctness is both a blessing and a curse. People will either excitedly recognize it or say it looks too similar to the previous season. And to be fair, this one actually does. However, I still fall more into the former category of being excited about it. I’m sure its apparent by now, but I like when a designer does something and does it well. I like the continuity, I like the subtle progression, I like the honesty. Unfortunately, in a high paced environment like that of our fashion world, this persistence is often and easily written off a being boring or a one-note.

This collection is peculiarly similar to last season, right down to the presentation, model and styling. But there is something really admirable and slightly amusing about this. As far as the clothes go, they’re lovely, they’re Rick, they’re clothes that malnourished young men will look sexy in. There is enough progression here to keep my interest, though. I love the gradient leather jacket with the contrast sleeves, it’s really nice looking. I love the cut of the leathers, the proportions and – even though it’s something we’ve seen before – the styling; it just works.